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Terms and conditions for Dial123 TOP-UP Service

By using the Services, you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions and acknowledge that we provide the Services to you on these terms. You must read and accept (or reject) these terms and conditions as a condition of you using, or relying on, the Services. If you do not accept these terms then you must not use the Services. You acknowledge that continued use of the Services will be deemed to be an acceptance by you of these terms and conditions. You further acknowledge that you have no right to cancel the calling card under the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000.

  • All our rates are updated regularly and are subject to change without notice.
  • Calls are rounded up to the nearest one minute.
  • Fractions of a minute are rounded up to the next whole minute.
  • Charges:-Connection fee: £0.05. No Connection fee if you are calling via *Call Back or 3G/4G/WiFi App.
  • Dial123 rate calculator does not include £0.05 connection fee.
  • Additional 1p/min is added to the international rate when making calls via Call Back feature only.
  • Calls to 02 and 03 numbers cost UK standard landline rate and can be used as a part of inclusive minutes. If you get free inclusive minutes to UK landline from your mobile provider or unlimited calls from your landline provider, then you only pay the Dial123 rate. For Pay As You Go users please download the Dial123 app or use the 0800 Toll-Free number.
  • Dial123.co.uk (Dial123 Limited) is not responsible and will not offer any refunds for any loss you may incur in case of mistyping the recipient’s phone number, choosing the incorrect operator or entering incorrect information
  • The national call rate does not include non-geographic numbers (Mobile virtual network operator, Private numbers, Special Services, Satellite phones, and Premium Numbers
  • Charging for access numbers by your service provider is from the time of connection to the service.
  • Some calls to International mobiles, non-geographic numbers, and foreign premium-rate numbers are charged at different rates to that of the country.

We reserve the right to temporarily withhold service from any person who is suspected of fraudulent use as shown by abnormal activities, until such time as legitimate use has been proven.

Paypal or Credit/Debit card FRAUD is a criminal offense. At Dial123 Limited we use automated systems to confirm proper credit card authorization, including having Dial123 Limited representatives call persons who have signed up for Dial123 Limited services. We also track every transaction. Information related to fraudulent transactions, including but not limited to IP addresses, detailed transaction records, and email addresses is collected. The information will be provided to appropriate law enforcement officials consistent with applicable law when required to assist in the prosecution of any persons attempting to commit fraud on Dial123 Limited websites.


Dial123.co.uk (Dial123 Limited) may send emails about our offers from time to time. Please ensure that you claim your offer by sending an email to our support team at [email protected] or [email protected] An offer that is not claimed will expire. Offers can only be applied once per calendar month.


Dial123.co.uk (Dial123 Limited) may send emails about our offers or discounts from time-to-time. If you do not wish to receive any emails about, Offers, Discounts, Offer Reminders, Website Updates, Feedbacks, or TOP-UP Reminders from our service. You will need to email our customer support team at [email protected] and request for your account to be deleted.

Dial123 TOP-UP Refunds

Refunds will only be made for orders within 14 days of completion and all refunds are subject to a £3 administration fee. No refunds of less than £3 will be made against each order.

If a particular phone number account has had no movement (that is either a top-up or a call being made) for two years or more then we reserve the right to close the account and zero any credit balance that may be remaining.

Please make sure that you test our service before adding any credits. You will not be entitled to a refund of any credit balance in your account for any of these reasons below.

  • All our rates are updated regularly and are subject to change without notice.
  • Calls are rounded up to the nearest one minute.
  • Fractions of a minute are rounded up to the next whole minute.
  • Calls to 02 numbers cost UK standard rate and can be used as a part of inclusive minutes. That means you may also pay your phone provider local charges. If you get free landline calls you only pay the Dial123 Rate.

Terms and conditions for Dial123 Instant Dial Service

Calls cost the ‘per minute’ service charge shown plus your phone company’s access charge.

From the 1st of July 2015, Ofcom has regulated charges to dial through access numbers and they will be split into two parts for clarity:

The ‘Access Charge’ – this is how much your phone company (E.g. BT, Talk Talk, Virgin, etc) will charge you per minute for making the call to any 08/09 access numbers.

The ‘Service Charge’ – this is the charge that is set by Dial123 Limited as the provider of the cheap calls dial-through service.

The sum of the ‘Access Charge’ and ‘Service Charge’ is the total cost of the call and will be detailed on your bill – your service provider will make the distinction between the two charges.

Some providers, e.g. BT, may include calls to 08/09 access numbers in your tariff or they may charge peak and off-peak rates to call any 08/09 access numbers. Call charges to access numbers will vary by provider, so if in doubt please check with them first by contacting your landline provider’s customer service department.

Terms and conditions for Dial123 Bundles

This service requires you to dial a local landline number, which means you may also pay your phone provider local charges. If you get free landline calls you only pay our cheap international rates.

All Dial123 Limited call methods can be used to make calls within your Subscription. This includes Local Numbers, VoIP, calls from our mobile and desktop applications (outgoing calls only).

Minutes are valid for one calendar month. Unused minutes expire at the end of the term.

Minutes exceeding your Subscription allowance will be charged at our low calling rates.

When your initial subscription term expires, we automatically renew your subscription each month at the rate you were previously charged, unless you choose a different subscription package or cancel your subscription prior to this date.

28 days Cancellation notice is required. To cancel your subscription please email: [email protected] or contact our customer service

Special services, Premium, and Non-Geographical numbers are not included.


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Changes to the Terms or Site.

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Cyber squatters

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