Access Numbers

UK Access Numbers

If you do not wish to add your contacts then our general access number below can be used. Use this service from a UK Mobile or Landline. Just simply dial the access number below then dial your destination number.

UK Access Number:

0333 555 2123

0161 354 0607

Charges for calling 020 or 0333 numbers (and any other ’03’ number) are the same as for calls made to standard UK landline phone numbers starting 01 or 02. Calls to 03 numbers are also included in bundled minutes and unlimited call packages in exactly the same way as regular landline numbers are.

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if you don’t have minutes to spare, just simply download Dial123 app on your mobile and use the callback option!

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International Access

Use this service from abroad. Just simply dial our access numbers below followed by your international number.


+34 856920653 Cadiz
+34 911981814 Madrid
+34 932202017 Barcelon
+34 951127090 Marbella
+34 951254228 Malaga
+34 954050122 Malaga
+34 960652249 Valencia
+34 965020824 Alicante

+33 182887134 Paris
+33 368780970 Strasbourg

+44 2895060715 Befast