Cheap calls to Pakistan from 5p/min

Pakistan Country Dialling Code: 0092

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Save up to 90% with Dial123 and enjoy cheap international phone calls to Pakistan. The Dial123 service enables you to call Pakistan in the cheapest way possible.


  • Call Pakistan from any UK Mobile or Landline
  • No commitment - Top-up when you like
  • No Hidden Fees & Balance Never Expires

You can use this service to make cheap international calls to Pakistan from any UK Mobile or Landline. Just simply add your friends and family as Dial123 contacts. We will then provide you with a unique local number for each contact. Save these numbers to your phone and call them directly at our low rates.

Call Pakistan landline: 7.2p/min

Call Pakistan mobile: 7.2p/min

If you do not wish to add your contacts then our general access numbers can be used. Use our Access Numbers List to make cheap calls to Pakistan or Download our App.

It's as easy as 123

  1. SIGNUP Free and Top-Up via PayPal or Debit Card
  2. Save your contacts
  3. Dial your contacts directly from your mobile or landline


  • Call Pakistan from a UK Landline
  • No account is required
  • No prepayment necessary

Use this service to make cheap calls to Pakistan, and other countries, from a UK landline. Just simply dial the relevant access number for the country you wish to call followed by your destination number.

Call Pakistan - landline

0844 552 2010 - 5p/min

Call Pakistan mobile

0844 552 2010 - 5p/min

How to Use InstantDial

  1. Dial the access number for the country you wish to call
  2. When prompted dial your international number
  3. You are connected

No Connection Fee & All rates are including VAT

Credit Dial Service Terms: Prices are shown in British pence per minute. Calls are rounded up to the nearest minute. All our rates are updated regularly and are subject to change without notice. Calls to 02 numbers cost UK standard rate and can be used as a part of inclusive minutes. For further details please visit our Terms and Conditions page.

Instant Dial Service Terms: BT’s standard connection 15p charge applies to each call. If you're calling from any other phone, then check the connection rate to check the connection rate. All rates shown are for calls from a BT residential or business landline. Calls made to the Instant Dial access numbers via other service providers may be higher. If unsure, please check with your service provider before making a call.

Ask bill payer’s permission before using the service. Calls are billed per minute & apply from the moment of connection. The charge is incurred even if the destination number is engaged or the call is not answered.

For further details please visit our Terms and Conditions page.

If you prefer to dial from your Mobile please use our Credit Dial Service and we will provide you with a local access number.

Use Credit-Dial & Pay For Your Cheap Calls To Pakistan!

Our easy to use Credit-Dial facility lets you pay for international calls to Pakistan in advance. All you have to do is sign up for free for low cost calls to Pakistan and credit your account via PayPal.

Credit-Dial rates are just 1.1p/min to Pakistan landlines and 1.1p/min for Pakistan mobiles - this rate is the same whether you are calling from a mobile or landline. This flexible and affordable service can be used from landlines, mobiles and via a mobile app.

Making cheap international calls to Pakistan is very flexible and convenient when using Credit-Dial.

Calls To Pakistan Landlines Using Instant-Dial Are Only 5p/min!

Instant-Dial means you can make cheap calls to Pakistan without having to pre-pay or sign up to anything. If you are using our Instant-Dial facility don't forget that, when making cheap calls to Pakistan, you need to first dial the access number - 0844 552 2010 - and then dial the Pakistan number when prompted, including country code 0092, of the person you want to speak to.

This will be the price you pay each time you make calls to Pakistan landlines via Dial123, no matter where in Pakistan you are calling or how long you stay on the line. If you want to make more low cost calls to Pakistan after you have finished then it is simple - just put the phone down, dial 0844 552 2010 again, then enter the international number

How Can Calls To Pakistan Be So Cheap With Dial123?

People think that it can't be possible to offer cheap calls to Pakistan for 2p/min! Well it is and the reason for this is the internet - by making a call to Pakistan via Dial123 you actually avoid BT's international calling system and instead make the call through our own internet network, which offers incredible savings on international calls that we then pass on to you.

To give you the best service and further savings we provide regular offers to give you the cheapest calls to Pakistan, and other countries, that we possibly can.

What Will My Bill Look Like When Making Cheap Calls To Pakistan?

If you use Credit-Dial to make a call to Pakistan then no charge will appear on your bill as you have already paid.

If you use our Instant-Dial service then the Pakistan access number will appear on your bill and you will be charged appropriately. For example, if you make a cheap call to Pakistan from a UK landline to a Pakistan landline then this will be listed under the landline access number - 0844 552 2010. If you make a cheap call to Pakistan mobile this will be listed under the mobile access number - 0843 2280 123.

Remember that the international numbers you have called will never appear on your bill, just the Dial123 access numbers.

Make a note of the Dial123 number you use to make your calls to Pakistan then look out for it on your bill. We are sure that you will be pleasantly surprised by how little it costs!

Any Questions? Contact Dial123

In the highly unlikely event that you experience problems while making calls to Pakistan, or if you have any questions, simply contact us and we will be happy to help.

Do you need to make cheap international calls to another country? See the full list of countries we provide cheap calls to and start making calls today.


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